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The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote population center on earth, hosting a rich and diverse cultural climate having its origins in ancient Polynesia, with many additions from all over the world since western contact in the late 18th century.

If you're doing research for a school report or just want to know more about the 50th state, as your starting point for exploring all that's available on the Web about Hawaii.

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Some common questions...

Where is Hawaii? Find Hawaii Homework Help Here!

Where is Hawaii?
This map of the United States puts it in perspective!  Click on the map for a larger view.  Find out more about the Hawaiian islands.

Why is Hawaii called the Aloha State? Aloha is a Hawaiian word that is used in greeting.  It means much more than hello and goodbye.  It's the way people treat each other, a way of life and a state of mind.  More: Origins of Hawaii's Names/Nicknames, Spirit of Aloha or Hawaiian Language.

Learn Some More Hawaiian from one of the many Web sites for beginner through expert: Find Your Name in Hawaiian; Ôlelo No'eau Hawai'i (Proverbs); Ernie's Learn to Speak a Little Hawaiian; and more Hawaiian Language Resources.

More Facts plus Hawaii State Symbols can be found on the Quick Facts page.

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