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Q.    Who is the Governor of Hawai`i ?
A.     Benjamin Cayetano
See:  Hawai`i Government

Q.     Who are Hawaii's Representatives in the U.S. Congress?
A.     Senators Akaka and Inouye; Representatives Abercrombie and Mink.
See:  Hawai`i Government

Q.     What is the local government in Hawai`i?
A.     There are four counties: City and County of Honolulu; Hawai`i County; Kaua`i County and Maui County
See:   Hawai`i Government

Q.     What is VOG?
See:   Volcanoes and Climate

Q.     Where is Pearl Harbor?
A.      Pearl Harbor is located on the Island of O`ahu, and has a very rich history, all the way back to ancient times 
See:   About Pearl Harbor

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