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The missionary and Harvard-trained physician Rev. Dwight Baldwin of Durham, Conn., and his bride of a few weeks sailed from New England for Hawaii in 1830.   After first serving in Waimea, he was assigned as pastor of Lahaina's old Wainee Church.  The Baldwins moved into their home in 1838 and lived there until 1871.

Built in 1834, the Baldwin home is the oldest standing building in Lahaina. It was built with thick walls of coral, stone and hand-hewn timbers.  The addition of a bedroom and study in 1840 and a second story in 1849 accommodated six children.   The Baldwin home served as a medical office and as a center for missionary activity.  Dr. Baldwin received members of the royal court, ships' captains, consuls and weary travelers.

The home has been faithfully restored by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation and is open daily as a museum.  It presents a vivid picture of the life of a missionary, physician and community force.

Next door is the site of the Richards House.

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