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A dedicated member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, George Freeland, tracked a notorious criminal to Lahaina.   Freeland fell in love with Lahaina and built the Pioneer Hotel in 1901­for many years the only hotel in town.   His family still owns the property.

Lahaina wasn't a major tourist center in the early days of the Pioneer Hotel, so Freeland built a service station and a movie theater to attract business.   Pioneer Theatre became a major attraction.   Benches were provided for the general public and reserved chairs were held for the privileged Pioneer Mill lunas (bosses).   

Renovations and expansion of the Pioneer Hotel were completed in 1964.   The bar and dining rooms feature an impressive collection of whaling artifacts and other salty memorabilia.   It has a cozy little bar full of rowdy residents and visitors who bring back memories of Lahaina's whalers.

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Pioneer Inn 

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Pioneer Inn


Pioneer Inn - Lahaina Maui

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