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Saturday, June 22, 2002

Cool Site: Fact Monster
An Atlas, an Almanac, a Dictionary, and an Encyclopedia all in one place! Plus games, quizzes and polls to make learning more fun. Interesting daily features include: Today in History; Spelling Bee; Word Quiz and Analogy of the Day. Fact Monster is brought to you by Information Please and the Family Education Network.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Cool Site: Lilo & Stitch
Disney's newest animated cartoon, Lilo & Stitch, opens in theaters today. The movie is set in Hawaii and is themed around one of the traditional values of the Hawaiian culture, 'ohana or family.

Are you planning to see Lilo & Stitch? Take Our Poll

The official Web site for Lilo & Stitch has a lot of information about the movie and the characters, plus fun online activities for kids (of all ages). You can download Stitch to your desktop to keep informed of his whereabouts! Lilo & Stitch

And of course, there is a whole new line of toys and games...

a hui hou~ Aunty Kat

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Cool Site: Why is My Loyalty Questioned?
Hawaii teams have consistently done well in the national ThinkQuest Internet Challenge, and it's always a treat to visit the entries and see what our keiki (kids, children) are creating, both their increasing skills and their ideas, what they choose to share with the rest of the world. This year is certainly no exception! Big Congratulations to teams from Enchanted Lake Elementary School in Kailua on the Island of Oahu and Wilcox Elementary School in Lihue on the Island of Kauai! The team from Enchanted Lake was the state winner and took top honors (Platinum) for Division II. The team from Kauai received the Notable Achievement Award. Doing the work to enter the ThinkQuest competition is an achievement, so congratulations to all of Hawaii's students who participated. You're all winners! We'll feature each of the sites here over the coming months as we update our Hawaii Kids page.

Platimum - Division II (Grades 6-8)
Why is My Loyalty Questioned?
"The purpose of our Thinkquest website is to try to lessen the amount of hate and prejudice in our world by developing an awareness of America's attitude towards the Asian Americans during World War II and of the American Muslims after the terrorists' attack on September 11. Our site includes information on the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. It also describes how the Middle Eastern people are being treated after September 11, 2001. In addition, we relate how the two attacks on the United States both united and separated the people of America. Finally, we present what we feel are possible solutions that will hopefully lead to a harmonious world."

a hui hou ('til next time)
Aunty Kat

Monday, June 17, 2002

Cool Site: Fun State Facts
Today's pick is from the U.S. Census Bureau. A portion of the Web site on the 2000 census has been devoted to kids: Census: Kids' Corner. It includes general information about the census, current population estimate for the entire U.S., and specific population information for each state. This is a great resource to keep handy!

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