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Saturday, July 13, 2002

Aunty Kat's Cat
We adopted a kitty yesterday! His shelter name is Julius, which seems to fit as he can be quite regal, but we think he may need a nickname for when he's more casual and playful. Aunty's had a lot of cats, but it's still good to do a bit of research and brush up on kitty care and make sure the house is safe. First thing we checked was plants, since we have an indoor garden. There are several good sources online for finding out those plants that are harmful and those that are okay should kitty-cat decide to grab a snack. The best is an entire Web site devoted to this, Plants and Your Cat. You'll find lots of good information at this and related sites you can find from this one. We picked up all the kitty basics at the shelter and the grocery store, and then shopped online at
PETsMART.com for some good toys, treats and other necessities. Julius (or whatever nickname he picks for himself) likes Hawaiian music and is rather chatty, so he will probably give his purrrspective on Rainbows every now and then!

Friday, July 12, 2002

Cool Site: How Stuff Works
HowStuffWorks.comOne of Aunty's favorite sites for browsing is How Stuff Works. The site (and several books, CD and magazine) are the creation of Marshall Brain, and yes, that is his real name! This is a truly awesome collection of information, both entertaining and knowledgeable, that answers a lot of questions, some you may not have known you had :) Here's a small sample for summertime fun: Roller Coasters; Sun Glasses; Water Slides; Wave Pools; Yo-Yos; and (very important for many of us) Air Conditioners.

And, for those who really want to know, you can even find out How Rainbows Work!

Happy Exploring~Aunty Kat

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Cool Site: Free eBooks
Elibron is a wonderful resource for exploring classic literature and many favorites, including current titles. There is a large selection of free eBooks (more than 100) and others available for a fee (more than 45,000). In addition to books and papers, find sections on music, art and famous quotations. Within books, there are many categories including Children's titles and Young Adults. Even if you don't enjoy reading online, this is a great way to preview books before purchasing, or look up that quote that's on the tip of your tongue.

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