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I enjoy sports like basketball and soccer and for the past two years I have been running in track meets. I like to draw a lot, too and I always wait for art everyday, but only get art once a week. I am also fascinated with computers and all the things they can do for you. - Kiah, age 11

I enjoy working with computers during my spare time. I don't have many hobbies but I enjoy fishing and hunting. I have only one sister and would like a brother. - Brandon, age 12

My hobbies are going to the beach, talking on the phone, surfing the web, going shopping, hanging with my friends, dancing hula and going surfing. - Melissa, age 11

I like to play sports, skateboard, watch TV, sleep, play video games, and eat. - Sean, age 11

My hobbies are reading books, playing games on the computer and swimming. My favorite school subject is band and I play the alto saxophone. - Marissa, age 11

I like to play video games, skateboard, go scootering, roller blading, and doing things on the computer. - Steven, age 10

Some of my hobbies are surfing the net, playing games on my computer, talking on the phone, shopping, and riding my scooter, bike, or roller blading.  - Cherie, age 12



What's it like to grow up in the Hawaiian islands?  Much is the same as any place else, but some is quite different.  Best to let our keiki (children, kids) tell you themselves, right?  Some quotes from around the Web are listed on the left below the link to the directory of school Web sites.  Below are some of the recent entries to ThinkQuest Web site competitions from Hawai'i students that will provide a good picture of life in the islands, past, present and future, from kid perspective.  We think the future's in good hands!

ThinkQuest Sites:

Adventures of Lilo the Green Sea Turtle - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Ahupua'a Adventure -- From the Mountains to the Sea - 1998 ThinkQuest Junior

Aloha Paradise? - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Be Pet Smart - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Beauty and the Beast: Nature's Gift and Nature's Fury of Hawaii - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Eruptions - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Filipino and Chinese Immigration to Hawaii - Our Roots - 1998 ThinkQuest Junior

FOOD-eriffic--Foods from Across the Hawaiian Islands - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

Hana Noeau--The Work of Art - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Hawaii's Living Treasures - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Hawaiian Mythology - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Hawaiian Style - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

How Our Hawaiian Islands were Formed - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

How Pono the Happy Face Spider Found His Smile - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

I Got Me A Paradise...a kid's eye-view of Hawaii - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

Journey to Mauna Kea - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Journey To New Worlds: Exploration of Space and Hawaiian Voyaging - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Let's Have A Lu'au! - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

Maui: The Reality - 1996 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge

Na Ali'i of Hawaii and Their Palaces - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

A Nation within a Nation - 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge

Pacific Ocean - Where the adventure is just beginning - 1998 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge

Pele's Journey: Destination Kilauea - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

The Second World War: The Pacific Theatre - 1998 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge

Sugar Plantation Days - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Sugar Roots - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Surfing in Hawaii - 1999 ThinkQuest Junior

Taro: Life of the Islands - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Through Our Eyes and Hearts and Minds -- World War II - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

The Ukulele -- Voice of Hawaii - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior

Venturing into Hawaii's Coral Reef - 2000 ThinkQuest Junior

Wayfinding: In the Middle of the Pacific - 1998 ThinkQuest Junior

Why are Hawaii's Wetlands Vanishing? - 2001 ThinkQuest Junior



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