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The Carthaginian is a replica of a 19th-century brig, typical of the small, fast freighters that brought the first commerce to these Islands, and is the only authentically restored brig in the world.   The first Carthaginian was lost at sea in April 1972 while on the way to Honolulu for drydock-­a keen loss to the community.

A replacement was finally found in Northern Europe, and a great dream was realized when the new Carthaginian crossed the seas with an all-Lahaina crew to her new home post.   The sight of this majestic ship silhouetted against the sky is a sentimental reminder of Lahaina's heritage and the romance of the sea.   

The Carthaginian features an exhibit on whales and whaling, with audio-visual displays, and an original whale boat that was discovered in Alaska and brought to Lahaina in 1973.   The exhibit is open daily 9am­4:30pm.

Lahaina LighthouseThe Old Lahaina Lighthouse is located on the pier next to the Carthaginian.  It was commissioned by Kamehameha III in 1840 as an aid to navigation for whalers coming ashore.  It is the oldest lighthouse in the islands and predates those on the U.S. Pacific Coast. The first structure was nine feet and later expanded to 26 feet.  A whale oil lamp provided the light and a caretaker was paid $20 a year to keep the light lit.  It was rebuilt in 1905 and the structure was dedicated by the U.S. Coast Guard in 1916.

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