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Credits and Permissions

All materials on this web site (design, graphics, articles, photos, etc.) are owned and copyrighted by Island Options, or are used with permission according to the terms of the owner (such as ClipArt.com).  Should you wish to use any graphics on the site, please write to us ().  Generally we allow the use of materials that belong to us, but reserve the right to permit usage.  We cannot provide permission for the use of materials that do not belong to us.

 Our "global apple" can be found at ClipsAhoy.com, a huge selection of free clip art.  Be careful of all the pop-up ads, particularly those that will instal software onto your computer if you click!

The islands graphic is available at WorldAtlas.com, a good selection of images of states and countries.



Other: some images © 2004 www.clipart.com

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