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Hawaii School Reports is a publication of OhanaNet, Hawaii's Online Community. Aunty Kat and Dingo have written most of what you'll find on this site. If searching for the information you need doesn't answer your questions, feel free to write to us () and we'll try to find the answer and reply as soon as we can.

Aunty Kat's email address has been hijacked and used to advertise questionable products and web sites as well as spread some sort of worm. We're very sorry if you received any of it!  If you've written to Aunty Kat at the old address, this is why you've not received an answer. Please try the new one linked above or visit our message forum at Ask Aunty Kat!

Aunty Kat and Dingo have lived in Hawaii since 1988 and have been sharing information about the islands online since 1995. Friends suggested we build this Web site specifically for those doing research on the islands, especially for school reports, but helpful to anyone interested in the Aloha State or the many people who call Hawaii home. We hope the content here either answers your questions or points you to other resources online and off that are of value in your pursuits!

Our sponsors are Hawaii-based businesses, e-tailers and e-preneurs personally known to us. We've reviewed all the books we offer through our affiliation with Amazon.com and have most of them in our personal library. In an effort to further defray the cost of producing and maintaining this site, we also have affiliate relationships with companies offering products we believe are suitable to our audience.

A little more about us...

Aunty Kat (Kathy Durham) is a retired banker with more than 20 years experience in credit and lending management, most recently with Bank of America.

Dingo (Brian Durham) is an attorney, retired from the U.S. Coast Guard with 22 years of service. Since retirement, he has worked for the Hawai'i State Legislature and as Research Director for the Linda Lingle Campaign Committee.

Note: After fifteen wonderful years in the islands, Brian and Kathy moved back to the mainland in 2003 to care for aging parents.  Now that we're settled, we have decided to keep and maintain this site which contains many treasured memories for us.  The Internet allows us to stay in touch with the islands, almost (but not quite!) like being there.  Perhaps we'll return someday...

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