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Lilo & Stitch
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Hawaii Stars:
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Disney's movie Lilo and Stitch is set in Hawaii! From the official Web site, you can

  • download Stitch to your desktop...
  • play games with Lilo on Ohana Island...
  • learn more about Hawaii...

It's always exciting when movies and TV shows are set in the islands. It's good for our economy, and it's also good to share some of the great things about living in paradise with other people all over the world.

The theme of Lilo and Stitch is based on a traditional Hawaiian value or concept called 'ohana. Literally 'ohana means family. It extends beyond immediate family, such as children, brothers and sisters, and parents. Ohana includes all the aunties and uncles and cousins, as well as family ancestors no longer with us. And, ohana includes the rules, or customs, of how family members should treat each other, what each person's responsibilities are, where we fit and belong, and the importance of including others. A person's ohana can extend beyond blood relationships to include friends, people we care about and who care about us. It can expand to include an entire community and describe how that community interacts. As with many Hawaiian words, there are depths of meaning far beyond the simple translation!

So, here at OhanaNet, Hawaii's Online Community, we hope you enjoy Lilo and Stitch, and learn something about our home, too!

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