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Hawaii Word Search: A to Z





Click New Game (below the puzzle) to Start. Click and drag on letters to highlight the words you find from the word list.

Click New Game to scramble the letters and try again.

Want to know more about the words we selected?

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Aloha - how we greet and treat each other
Beach - this one should be obvious!
Coconuts - the tree of life in the Pacific
David - King Kalakaua, the last King of Hawaii
Emma - Queen, married to Kamehameha IV
Flower - pua in Hawaiian, found everywhere!
Guava - tropical fruit
Hawaii - also obvious?
Ilima - the official flower of the island of Oahu
Jellyfish - an ocean critter you don't want to tangle!
Kona - a place name meaning leeward; also the coffee
Lilikoi - tropical fruit; passion fruit in English
Mango - another tropical fruit!
Nuuanu - lovely valley "behind" Honolulu; means cool height
Ohana - family and extended family; belonging; inclusive
Palace - Iolani Palace is the only one in the U.S.
Queen - Liliuokalani, Hawaii's last Queen was the one we had in mind, though there were others
Rainbow - magical or scientific, we see many of these
Surfing - sport of kings, Hawaii is its birthplace
Taro - also Kalo; major staple of the ancient Hawaiian diet
Ukulele - "jumping flea"; brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in 1879
View - far too many to pick just one!
Waikiki - the world famous beach and area second in density only to Manhattan (in the U.S.)
Xerox - the Hawaiian word for Xerox (or photocopy) is pepa kope, an excellent example of transliteration
Year - the Hawaiian word for year is makahiki
Zoo - Honolulu has one, and a great Web site, too!





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