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The Hawaii Food Bank is a not for profit organization that collects food from the  food industry and community, and distributes it to charities feeding those in need.  Online donations are accepted at the Hawaii Food Bank Web site.  




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The Hawaiian Food Section is being revised and updated (6/1/02) - please come back soon!

Food is a key element of any society or culture, and in the islands food is one of the many ways that we come to know each other better. By sharing food, we learn something of another's culture, traditions and celebrations. Even better, it means eating is never boring!

The food found in the islands today includes the life-sustaining plants and animals that Polynesians brought with them in their migrations throughout the Pacific plus all the foods that later immigrants have brought along with them. We tend to mix them all together and call the whole thing "local food" or "local grinds". (See Language for more local lingo)

Rusty Thomas Menu Collection - Local restaurant menus from 1946 to around 1982, collected by former food editor and maintained by KCC.  Only the menu list is available online.  Nostalgic photos.


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