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Hawaiian Food: Luau Recipes


Aloha! We're still working on the luau pages, but have gathered some links (below) that may help you find what you want. Check back soon!

Dorie's Kau Kau Page
The "backyard l�`au" covers all the basics, including oven kalua pork, chicken long rice, pipi kaula, lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, aku poke...

Imu Cooking
Step by step instruction with pictures. Link to Maui Community College Food Service Program Recipe Index.

Do it Yourself

Recipe Index MCC

Luau Recipes

Have an Authentic Hawaiian Luau Anywhere -

Hawaiian Luau - family crafts

Hints and Tips for a Fun and Successful Luau 

Island Madness 

Perpetual Preschool - luau activities for kids

Planning a Hawaiian Luau for your Dinner Club 

Order Online 

Luau King  

Hawaiian Luau 

Kau kau package - luau without the airfare

Luau Wear 

Shop Hawaii by Mail ( a lot of products; not updated since '95??)

Info About Luau 

Luau: A Hawaiian Feast - virtual festival 

Big Hawaiian Luau 

Hawaiian Thanksgiving Luau 

Luau: A Hawaiian Feast 

Luau: Preparation & Etiquette 

Island Feast - menu art

More RETRO articles  

Tiki Culture

Tiki News    


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Luau Cookbooks

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