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Historic Lahaina Walking Tour - Lahaina, Maui

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Located on Maui's west shore, Lahaina was the capitol of Hawaii from 1820 to 1845, during the reigns of Kamehameha II and III.  The name means cruel sun and is believed to come from frequent droughts in the area.  It is one of the hottest and driest spots in the islands! 

Lahaina was a popular stop for whalers and merchants from New England and was the place where the first missionaries landed, also coming from New England. 

Approximately 55 acres of the town have been set aside as historic districts containing several sites designated as National Historic Landmarks.  

We've created a virtual tour that incorporates pamphlets and guides available for those who visit Lahaina, photos from our walking and driving tour in May of 2001, and additional information available online about Lahaina's rich history.

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directions and trip planners!

Lahaina Lighthouse

Episcopal Church

Jodo Mission

Pioneer Inn - Lahaina

There are 31 official sites in Lahaina Town that comprise the historic tour created by The Lahaina Restoration Foundation and County of Maui Historic Commission.  Free pamphlets describing the tour are available at many shops in Lahaina.  The brochure includes a map and estimated time to visit the sites on a short and long walking tour.

Another excellent free publication is the Lahaina Historical Guide from Honolulu Publishing Company, Ltd.  Most of the sites are described in more detail in this booklet, so these descriptions are used in the pages that follow, shown in bold face to distinguish from other content that Aunty Kat has added, such as links to more information relating to the site and photos that were taken on our recent tour to bring the history alive.  

Mahalo (thank you) to HonPub for granting permission to use this material online at the Hawaii School Reports Website.  In addition to the Lahaina Historical Guide, which can be found at many business establishments and resorts on the Island of Maui, HonPub also publishes Drive Guides for each island (free from all car rental companies) and Spirit of Aloha, the in-flight magazine for Aloha Airlines.

Each site on the tour is on a separate page so you can click on the sites in order (each one has a link to the next one) or select a site from the index in the left column or one of the thumbnail photos in the right column. Click on the photos on each site page to see a larger picture.

The first stop is: The Masters Reading Room.

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